The Colorado Weather Gremlins smiled on me this morning. After a week of cold nasty rain/sleet/hail/snow, we’re sitting pretty in the mid-70’s with a high of 85 predicted for tomorrow. Everything’s green and glowing from all the rainfall, and there are still streaks of snow up in the foothills, which makes it all very picturesque. Apparently this is fairly normal for spring up here except that it’s about four weeks late. Who am I to argue?

In light of the beautiful morning, I broke out the new bike shoes and took that Brewing Ride I’ve been wishing for all week.

Unfortunately, half the Denver Metro area did the same thing – at the same time, of course. Since there were too many people on the path for the first part of the ride for me to talk out my plots (too busy dodging people with their dogs on those stupid extender leashes – seriously, who really thinks that’s appropriate for a bike path? Hiking in the woods in a park that mandates -and- enforces pets on leashes, I can see. Letting your animal run hither and thither potentially in front of passing bikes is just asking for trouble. I promise when my husband rides by he’s gonna hurt Rover if Puppy Shmuppy gets in the way, so get yourself a real leash. Sorry. End rant.) Anyway, as I was dodging pets and small children and NOT talking to myself out loud, I reflected on the fact that my work-at-home part-time job spoils me. Usually, I ride in the dead middle of a weekday. I wave at septuagenarians and secretaries out for a lunch break walks, and the occasional pair of moms pushing strollers. Weekends on the bike path are crazy. I’m swearing them off from now on.

At any rate, the traffic thinned out after I took the turn to ride up the hill to the top of the dam. I couldn’t believe all those families with pets and kids didn’t want to climb a mile and a half in the sun, either, but there you have it.

It gave me a chance to talk to myself about my book, and I figured out that the whole reason I was having trouble putting that scene into words is because it shouldn’t be shown at all. All the info can be conveyed in conversations surrounding the incident – I don’t need a whole meeting set up with me pulling puppet strings to make sure everyone says what they ought, and more interesting the other way, as well.

Now I just need to sit my tush down and write it…