Have you ever noticed that sometimes working in a certain space works, and other times it doesn’t?  I’m telling you, I have an office with a desk and reference books and all sorts of other useful things.  It’s well lit and I have a comfy chair that rolls, and honestly there’s no reason I should ever want to leave, but sometimes it just doesn’t work for me to try to write there.

Dining Room DeskToday I’m writing at the dining room table.  I have a mug of tea, a kitchen timer and my laptop.  I’m sitting on a very flat pillow in a straight-backed wooden chair, and the only light I’ve turned on in the entire house (yes, I’ve pulled all the blinds against the lovely Colorado sun) is the one directly above my head.

I honestly don’t know why this works, aside from the fact that there are cascades of reciepts waiting for me at my real desk that need filing and categorizing in Quicken before the desk will be clean.  Maybe that’s it – there’s nothing here to distract me from the writing.

So, where are you writing these days?  Do you find that one place or one type of place is more conducive to your writing, or do you need variety?