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Breaking News in the “Gainful Employment” Department

Since my deadline is 9 hours away and I really don’t want to work on any more edits, this seems like a wonderful time to go blogging!

I heard a few days ago, but I’ve been waiting for the right moment to announce this news:

I got a job.  

Yes, I know, this goes against all sorts of starving artist credos and other such things but there’s this thing called debt, and the husband and I are rapidly sinking into it.  One of Matt’s friends from school tipped us off that a part-time receptionist job was opening up in the end of August at the organization where he works. Since he’s been doing it all summer he could say with authority that it’s really easy AND well-paid, which is right up my alley.

So I’ll be answering the phone, directing what few visitors drop by, making sure emails to the general account get forwarded to the appropriate places, and otherwise doing my own thing for fifteen hours a week starting in the end of August. Eric estimated that he spends about half of his time there doing homework.

Did I mention I’ll get paid?  We likes the income, even if it won’t be used for fun things.

That’s the newest development on this end, aside from the fact that I’m hovering tantalizingly close to 27k words in the manuscript and things are moving forward in the writing department.



  1. Thanks! I’m quite excited about it, all thing considered.

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