I’ve come to the conclusion that the scene I’ve tried to get through or, perhaps more aptly, get past all month just isn’t going to cooperate. I’ve been reluctant to declare it a temporary lost cause because it’s an important scene, and it needs to be shown.  I haven’t changed my mind about that, but I’m so tired of smashing my head against a brick wall that I’m just going to go around it and come back later to fill in the details.

I am making an Official Decision to move forward. If that means my critique group gets a section this month that says “There will be a scene here where X, Y, and Z happen” then so be it. I have a page count to hit, darn it.

And now it’s time to deactivate my wireless card so I can’t be distracted by silly things like email and blogs. Yesterday’s word count will cower in shame when I’m done with today. Just you wait.