Adding work to the already-challenging mix of writing, school, blogging, keeping up with things like laundry, and interacting with the real live people who are our friends (yes, we actually have some of those) has been quite the adventure. I fear the blogs (all three) have suffered as a result.

On the up side, I have been getting things done away from the computer.

Also, the mukluks we ordered when we were in Alaska in June came in the mail yesterday – they’re fabulously warm, and I’m looking forward to winter so I can test them against my toes’ tendency for being extremely cold. I’ll take a picture and post it later, so don’t think you’re getting away without seeing them. They’re lovely, elk hide lined with soft pelt (I forget what variety) and a rim of beaver fur around the top outer edge.

Hmm… seems like there was something else on my mind, but it’s escaped for now. That just means I’ll have something more to say later.