I know I’ve been quiet – been reading most of the weekend away, though I should have been writing.  I’m getting things out of the way while I’m at work today, though, so I can write tonight.

I’d like to draw your attention to literary agent Nathan Bransford‘s Stupendously Ultimate First Line Challenge, in which all are welcome to submit the first line from a project in hopes of winning a partial manuscript critique.  I’ve entered, though I have to admit I used a line from a short story idea currently about four paragraphs long, and it wasn’t even the first line, but then I realized it ought to be the first line, so I kidnapped it and will rework the rest to fit it as I have time.  You know, all four paragraphs.  It’ll be torture.  And then, who knows? Maybe I’ll actually finish it.

Stranger things have happened.

Not often, but they have.