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Just In Case Anyone Thought My Life Was Getting Too Dull…

We just realized our kitchen sink leaks.

Rather, the garbage disposal is leaking, which means it’s not just water, it’s nasty brown food particles that turn into sludge in the under-sink cabinet.

Oh, and apparently it’s been happening for some time.  The dishwasher detergent box shows signs of having absorbed two inches’ worth of liquid, though it’s dry at the moment.  Other various bottles and boxes are thoroughly wet and/or covered in the food sludge that’s been dripping.


The cabinet has been cleared, the worst of the sludge wiped out, and a pot placed under the offending area of pipes.  It will keep until morning.

We’ll see how quickly the maintenance people reply to sludgy food-water dripping under our sink, as opposed to rusty water dripping into our bathtub from the emergency a/c drainage (two weeks and counting on the latter).

I am SO ready for bed.



  1. So I’m not the only one this kind of thing happens to! My kitchen sink also has a pot for catching the drips.

  2. Far from the only one, as a matter of fact.

    The maintenance guys did come right away and fixed the trouble, so no more under-sink pot for us, but of course neither of us has had a chance to put everything back where it belongs under the sink, so it’s all in the way.

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