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Random Things

I did suggest that actual content -as in things that might provoke thought or at least interest- might be posted today. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that the following will deliver on either of those counts.

Among other things, I’ve spent some time in the last few days cleaning out my email folders. This is in part because I wanted to streamline my email operations and in part because the vast majority of my email comes through Gmail servers, which never ever delete anything. So unless I need quick access to the information, there’s no need to have it all on my hard drive. It’s also because I’ve set up new mailboxes with the new domain and will be gradually changing operations over to that address.

When I went to my Trash folder, having cleaned out my other folders, I found 15,500 messages to be deleted. Yes, I did put that comma in the right place. Those are just emails from the last 16 months.

15,500 emails in 16 months. That seems a little nuts.

Also in the “a little nuts” category: we have a laser printer. I bought it in college after spending so much on ink to print papers that I felt the investment was worth it. During college and the years immediately following, I used one print cartridge every three years or so – including printing papers for friends so they wouldn’t have to pay for it.

In the last 8 months, between the two of us, Matt and I have already run through a full cartridge.

I pity anyone in grad school who’s working with an inkjet…

Also, to continue with the “random” theme, I feel the need to mention that one of the CDs we use at work for lobby music is skipping. The logical decision here is to take it out and find another CD – but we can’t, because the music is “broadcast” as our hold music as well, and we only have copyright permissions for four CDs. Which means that if I take one out, I remove 25% of the already extremely limited selection of music that plays over and over all day long while I’m at work.

Anybody know anything about approaching artists and/or recording labels about granting basic copyright permissions to a nonprofit organization? If you do, I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. I only about the music on hold/lobby music in Australia; here, it’s much simpler. Most musicians belong to APRA (Australasian Performers Rights Association, IIRC) and, if you want to play CDs on hold or in public areas, then you pay APRA a set fee per annum, and they then disburse the fees to the artists. Nice and easy. Is there a USA equivalent?

    The simplest solution that suggests itself to me is to make another copy of the CD if possible, or to buy another one. You have the license to play that music – doesn’t matter if it’s physically on CD A or CD B, as long as you’ve negotiated a license to use it.

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