I have to be honest here, there are things I just love about the east coast.  Random ice cream stands along a state highway… greenery everywhere, even in the middle of October… Wawas everywhere…


It’s enough to make a girl want to move back… almost.  Of course, there’s also the humidity, the horrible traffic, and the toll roads.  New Hampshire makes people pay to get in, but New Jersey is the only state I’ve ever heard of that you have to hand over money before you can leave.  It’s true – all the NJ interstate bridges cost $3 to cross into another state, and there is no way to get out of the state without crossing a river.  Get in for free, pay to leave.  It’s the New Jersey way!

I finished my last required book on the flight yesterday, which makes me happy, so now I just have to write up my thoughts on it and one other… oh, and finish writing my pages for the month.

No, I won’t tell you how far behind I am.