As anticipated, I got very little work done over the weekend between visits with friends and family. On the other hand, it was really great to catch up with everybody. We hit up Minella’s Diner and Angelo’s Pizza, which was just heavenly, and even found a water ice stand still open this late in the season. I finished reading two books, both of which I started before the weekend, and wrote up three book reviews (check the Reading Journal link if you’re interested) with comments on a fourth still in progress, hopefully ready to post this evening.

I’m still wildly behind on the writing. I’ve got today and tomorrow off work, and need to finish my pages before work on Thursday so I can run edits at my desk there between answering the phones and turn it all in by Thursday night. And I have to put together my self-evaluation for the term. Also on the agenda for the next two days are unpacking, catching up on laundry, and baking yummy cookie-type things for the church bake sale this weekend, which might have to be abandoned. But I really like baking so I’m hoping to squeeze it in.

As a reward, I’m going to MileHiCon this weekend, where I’ll get to listen to Carol Berg’s reading for Breath and Bone, which comes out in January. I’m not sure I can properly express how much I’m looking forward to it.