That’s right!  It’s time for the end-of-term dance!  *dances like a fool*  I emailed everything off last night mere minutes before Official Deadline Time.  It might not all be shiny, but it’s not slop either.  I’ll take that.

Speaking of shiny, Leopard comes out today.   Please excuse my drool.  Lucky for me, I converted Matt to Mac last year, which means he’s just as excited as I am, and we’ll be buying a family pack license for the upgrade.  If he can get it before their big grand opening hoo-hah this evening, I expect it will be waiting for me when I get home from work.  Otherwise, tomorrow.

Not that it will matter much, since I’ll be spending this weekend at MileHiCon, meeting some people in person for the first time, taking some books to get signed (Carrie Vaughn will be there! Woo!), and generally having a good time sans deadline.   Carol Berg will also be there, and will be reading from Breath and Bone, which comes out this January and which I will have in my hands as soon as it’s available.

And then I get three days to finalize my decision about what to write for NaNoWriMo, develop as much of that plot as I can, and it’s off to the races again.

How’s your week going?