I’d like to extend my thanks to all those who serve and have served in the armed forces.  I may not agree with the government on all points, but the individuals who serve our country deserve a great deal more than simple respect.  My servicemen, past and present:

  • Bernard H. Wright, Sr. – US Navy
  • Lyman C. Peck – US Air Force
  • Chester Whitt – US Army
  • Mark Petitte – US Navy
  • John Snider – US Air Force
  • Bob Duncan – US Marines
  • Daniel Sherman – US Air Force
  • Jonathan Sherman – US Air Force
  • Michael Ward – US Army
  • David Lee – US Marines 
  • David Whitt – US Army
  • Steven Whitt – US Air Force (currently serving in Iraq)

So, for those I know personally and those I don’t:  Thank you.  We owe you more than we know.  You have my appreciation.