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Delinquent Again

Yep, I’m a horrible blogging person.  I admit it.  Knowing is half the battle, right?   

Things have been busy. The puppy is still amazingly cute. She likes to sleep on our shoes whenever possible. She doesn’t chew them… just naps on them. If anyone expresses interest, I’ll post pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving!! a few hours early. We’re going to eat the feast over at our friends’ house tomorrow afternoon, and are contributing three essential elements of the meal from our perspective: the green bean casserole, the orange jello (with pineapple and cheese in it, yum), and the cranberry ice.

Speaking of the cranberry ice, it’s time for me to go pour it into the cube trays and get it freezing.

Ta ta!


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  1. Interest in puppy photos? Are you kidding? Consider it expressed, pretty much permanently *grin* I heart puppy photos. And kitten photos too.

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