Maybe it’s because all my brainpower has been directed towards making progress through the drift of things that need to get done before I leave for the weekend.  Maybe all the other clever and semi-clever subject lines have all been flukes.  The world may never know.   

So far this week, I’ve edited three theology papers of various lengths, returned comments on the first 35 pages or so of a good friend’s manuscript, gone to the library, purchased 6 books (but I only get to keep one – the rest are gifts. sigh.), done laundry, and am thisclose to finishing the giant purple porcupine story. It’s losing momentum towards the end, and I’m still working out how to avoid that, though without much success. Fortunately, it’s being written for the express purpose of being critiqued, so maybe I’ll just wait and see if anyone else has any brilliant ideas for the ending.

I still need to make edits on the porcupine story, write two super-shorts for a writing club I’m in (darn end of month deadlines!), mail off an important check, clean the house (including vaccuuming the carpet and swiffering the kitchen), send off my choices for residency modules this January, do another load of laundry, pack for California and spend some time with Matt and Shiloh before I leave them for four days.

First, though, I’ve got envelopes to stuff here at work. The fun never stops. At least it’s only about 200 today. Maybe less.

Also, in Really Good News, I’ve finally harassed enough people at the office that we’re on the very cusp of having the licensing to play any music we want to in the lobby. Word on the street was that it might have been going to happen yesterday, but apparently it didn’t. I’m thinking about calling Greg every hour to check on it today, but that might be excessive. On the other hand, I’m really sick of these three cd’s.