… okay not really back from the dead, or at least that’s not how I feel at the moment, but I am back from a great weekend in California.   

Unfortunately, it looks like life here at home didn’t stop while I was gone, and aside from the things I need to get done, Matt seems to be coming down with some kind of cold. For his sake, I hope it’s nothing more than extreme exhaustion catching up with him, but I have a sinking feeling it’s not.

Somehow, the paperwork still hasn’t gone through that will let us play new music at work, and it’s monthly statement time, which means I have thousands of envelopes to stuff… and since it’s the end of the year there will be more massive batches of receipts to take care of for the next month and a half. Now, if I can just use the mental goof-off time during envelope stuffing to work on the novel, things will be great. Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t often seem to work that way.

Who knows how I’ll end out the year? Right now, I’m a bit pessimistic.