That’s right, I’m ‘fessing up.  I like shoes.  You might not know it by going through my closet, but if I had my way there could be 15 pairs of black pumps lined up, which of course my husband would have no idea how to tell apart. And then there would be all the others, too.

Fortunately for my closet space we have basically no money, which precludes my actually purchasing shoes very often at all. And, since I can’t afford to look like a Shoe Person, I usually browse the department store shoe displays in clothes that look completely at odds with the felt tweed heels I might be eyeing. Because who would suspect that the girl with her thumbs through the holes in her long underwear sleeves, the Ron Jons tshirt, and the bright blue down vest with cheap jeans and ratty old Birks might be a sucker for virtually all of Steve Madden’s classic styles?

Speaking of which, I found shoes to wear with my new dress, and I’ll also be able to wear them to work. Whee!