Matt’s snowshoeing with Shiloh and one of our good friends today, and I’m allegedly staying home to clean this pigsty of a house (I have a funny story about with word “pigsty”; remind me to tell you about it sometime) and get other things done – like maybe wrapping some of Matt’s Christmas gifts, or taking care of the backlog of receipts that need to be entered in our financial records.  Or writing.  Crazy things like that.   

Naturally, I’ve made coffee and I’m sitting on the couch poking around YouTube and watching good movies followed by their mediocre sequels on cable.

On the up side, we mailed off the last major Christmas package last night, which means less pressure from that side.

And since I wouldn’t want to leave you out of the fun, this is the video my brother sent the link to this morning, which tipped off my morning’s YouTube explorations: