We haven’t called maintenance about the microwave, but I’m not sure why not.  It’s so odd to live without a microwave.  I take it for granted, and never realized how often I use it.  I might have to melt chocolate on the stovetop for my toffee this afternoon.  How wacky would that be?  I think I’d have to make my own double boiler to be sure I don’t burn it.   The mind boggles.

The doctor stuff yesterday went well, which shouldn’t be surprising, really. I stayed up late reading for no good reason, and consequently slept in.

On the list for today: finish laundry, make more toffee, finish editing a dvd slideshow, take the dog out for a run in the field, finish reading journals, write a bit, and design a quilt.

I think that’s enough, given that I’m starting at 11 instead of my more usual 8. But if I’m done early, I’ll take that quilt design and head to a fabric store to stock up for it.

Oh, also on the list: enjoy the Christmas tree we bought and decorated yesterday. Yay Christmas!