It’s the Friday between Christmas and New Years. There is no one in the office except the finance department. Non one is calling, except to talk to the finance department. It works, but it’s dead boring. I’ve stuffed about 1,000 envelopes today and have about 500 left, give or take. Also dead boring.

It looks like a big chunk of our Christmas money will end up going toward car stuff. We’ve got it in for routine maintenance plus another attempt to fix the dratted alarm, and there are various belts and brakes and other things that have come up needing replacement. Luckily, we only have to spend this much every three or four years. On the whole, considering how littler we’ve had to do for the last few years it’s not that much, but it sure does take a big chunk out of the checking account at once. A really big chunk.

On the upside, I have baklava for dessert, and once I’m done with this batch of envelopes I’m done stuffing for 2007. Whee!

Tonight, the agenda is cleaning the house, so that I can take tomorrow as a writing day. Yeah, you read that right. Ten days on the meds and I’m feeling like I can handle a creative day. It’s a good feeling. De-funking is good.

Lunch time for me, so I’ll catch you all later.