Well I got rather a lot of things done yesterday, but I didn’t sit down and write.  Fortunately, the things I got done are allowing me to take another shot at the writing day idea today and hopefully get things done.   

In the meanwhile, I’ll give you a bit more Shiloh. It’s a well-documented fact that she prefers napping on our shoes or jackets whenever they’re available. With the recent run of extreme cold, we’ve had a lot of snow pants and winter jackets hanging about, and since we don’t have a handy place to hang it all up to dry (we’re working on that) we’ve taken a section of our dog fence and put it against the entryway wall as a “jacket corral”. It’s not very sophisticated, but it beats having winter gear strewn about the living room. Anyway, Shiloh sneaks into the jacket pen and makes herself a bed out of whatever happens to be there.

I’m biased, but I think it’s pretty darn funny:
Shiloh napping in the jacket corral.

Happy New Year!