Ok, it’s actually 14.5 hours to actual airplane liftoff, but we’re leaving the apartment in about 12 to get there so I can satisfy my airport paranoia by being there on time.  It’s not supposed to do anything funny weather-wise overnight, but this time of year you can never count on it.    

Despite my excitement, it’s hard to believe it’s residency time again. Am I really halfway through a masters program? It boggles the mind.

The other thing that boggles the mind is that although I’ve talked about packing, and talked about thinking about packing, I have in fact done very little of either. I did get out my suitcase, but that’s not exactly a huge accomplishment as its normal storage place is directly behind my hamper in the closet. I also started a list the other day of odd things I don’t want to forget to pack, but that’s as close to a packing list as I’ve come.

I used up my discretionary Christmas money this afternoon buying a wicked cool new ski jacket. I’ve needed one for a while, and I found this on sale in my size (with long enough sleeves!) from Spyder, whose jackets I have drooled over for the last four years or so. And it’s a 3-in-1 zip-together, which means I can use it at least 3 seasons out of the year. Who could ask for more?

Ok, I’m really going to go pack now. For real.

You know I’m fibbing, don’t you.

You know me too well.