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10 Things I’ve Done

John Scalzi has a post up today about 10 things he’s done that other people probably haven’t, with the invitation to follow suit and post your own list.  So here’s mine:

1. Went sledding (on a trash bag) on a de-mined section of the 1986 Sarajevo Olympic ski hills.
2. Attended undergrad classes at 4 separate universities, and still managed to get my B.A. in four years.
3. Ran a maple sugar shack for a day.
4. Completely demolished the LCD screen of my first laptop… 4 hours after I bought it.
5. Paid $120 for a taxi ride.
6. Walked through wet cement on a public road.
7. Won $500 and a limo ride to the first day of school.
8. Backpacked for 5 weeks in Europe with my mom.
9. Ran over a tree. Yeah, all the way over it.
10. Married the second guy I ever dated.

So what’s your list?



  1. Cool list, Betsy! I’m not sure I could come up with ten unique things I’ve done, but you’ve got me thinking, now.

  2. I figure it’s not too shabby for only being 25… I’d be interested in seeing what your list looks like, so keep thinking. ;)

  3. Hi Boots,
    I get to say that I rode with you in the limo on the first day of school :)

  4. Hey Sarah! Glad you stopped by – how’s Bluffton treating you lately? Basement mostly dried out from the flood?

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