Halting, stunted progress on the novel is better than none at all… and I am getting back in the habit of getting into Kerris’s head for writing, which is good. And I don’t work the day job until Thursday, so I have no excuse for not getting plenty of writing done in the next few days. Here’s hoping the groove (what groove there is) doesn’t get knocked.

Also, between Airborne, Tylenol Cold Nighttime, and Dayquil, I seem to have convinced my body that it doesn’t want to be sick. Woke up this morning feeling more tired than what I think of as normal, but little else. Ok, maybe a little bit of still-sick snot hanging about in my sinuses (is that too much information?) but even that seems to have dispersed since I woke up. Must be the tea.

I don’t even feel mildly bad about going to the movies with Stef and her mom this afternoon, either because I’d rather be in bed or because I’m afraid I’m contagious. I appear to have emerged victorious this time. w00t!

Now, it’s time for me to get a shower, dress in something suitable to be seen in public (as opposed to my current 3-times-too-big fleece and sweatpants ensemble), find some lunch, and go about the rest of my day.

Love and hugs all around.