Well I’ve already created designations for Brewing Days and Writing Days, so I might as well keep coming up with ways of categorizing my working methods.   

In that spirit, today is officially an Ironing Day.

You see, sometimes I brew ideas up and toss them together and I start writing, and I realize that I’ve gotten to a place where things that weren’t terribly important to know about before are now more important. Sometimes these are things like “I don’t know how Devlin’s plot arc climaxes and resolves.” Sometimes it’s working out the finer points of a religious or a magical structure, or how those two types of structures interact and influence one another in my world. Sometimes it’s just issues that I’ve avoided working out because I knew it would take time and I’d rather do things that make my word count increase.

Regardless, today’s been a day of ironing out a variety of those types of problems. In the summer, I often do this sort of thing on a bike ride, talking out loud to myself as I work through ideas, keeping the ones I like in the tumbler and tossing out the ones that don’t fit well in the mix. Since I can’t do that at this time of year (it’s 10 degress outside with a fresh film of snowfall on the ground today), I’ve been avoiding the ironing process for quite a while.

Reaching a new level of desperation, I decided to try working my ideas out on paper – I’m not writing my novel longhand now, mind you, just using pen and paper to follow the flow of my thoughts about the writing a little more clearly – and it’s worked quite well, I must say. I’ve got three sheets of notebook paper covered continuously with writing and musing about various problems I’ve been butting my head against for a few weeks now. It’s not organized so that someone else would make much sense of it, but that’s not the point. I was going to stop the writing work and go run errands this afternoon, but I want to keep working, so a trip to the grocery store will have to wait until after dinner at least, and maybe tomorrow morning, depending on how long this ironing groove lasts.

Very cool.

Also: Shiloh has learned how to ring the bell by the door when she needs to go out and do some business. Victory!