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Shiloh Pictures

Shiloh is following me from room to room like a spaz today, which is really unlike her most of the time. I found the bone she’d been missing for a few days, so it’s her current favorite and she’s carrying it around and flopping down in the dead middle of the room to chew on it for a few seconds before she gets back up to follow me to the next destination. She seems pretty happy now that I’ve settled in the office, and I almost just got a good picture of her lying on her back and chewing the bone–one of her favorite tactics–but she’s a camera ham and anytime she hears it turn on she snaps to attention and sits there looking straight at you until you put it away. Like this:

I’ll have to be sneakier next time.

And for those of you who have been around since she was this big…

…here’s a picture from last week. Sometimes she looks much older than 5 and a half months to me…

We’re more and more convinced that she’s got a fair amount of German Shepherd in her in addition to our original rottweiler guess. Luckily, she’ll never be as big as either of those breeds. I’m going to start calling her a mini shepweiler. Hey, if other people can come up with designer mutt breeds, so can I!

Whatever she is, she’s beautiful. And such a sweetheart.


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  1. She’s adorable and looks just like my shepweiler maximus-who has the same markings/hair/look. I rescued Maximus when he was 8 to 10 weeks old now he’s about 4 to 5 months old, I was kind of wondering where he’d land in size so seeing Shiloh gives me a good idea. I have been a dobie/shep owner as well as a rottie owner and always wanted a shepard So the shepweiler was perfect-he’s a little small so I think I will join in re-naming the breed to a mini shepweiler. lol. Thanks for your post, shiloh is lovely

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