We got caught in extra traffic on the way to work today (crazy how that can happen when we pull out of our apartment complex, drive 3 miles up that road, and turn into my office building’s parking lot) so I called ahead from the car to tell them I was on my way and ask if someone could unlock the front doors for me on time and watch the lobby for 5 minutes. The message that picked up was different than usual, so I listened for a few minutes instead of immediately punching in the extension I wanted to reach – turns out the office is closed today and nobody told the receptionist (me). HA! I mean, yeah, I knew there was a company retreat happening for some departments, and I knew tons of people weren’t going to be in the building off and on throughout the week, but somehow it never quite got passed around to me that the building was officially closed for the day.

So Matt dropped me off at Starbucks instead of at work and I read while he ran some errands, which he’d been planning to take care of after he took me to work. And now I’m back home getting ready for an extra day of writing.

I got just under 1,400 words written yesterday afternoon, which is the most I’ve put down in one day since the end of October. That’s a very good thing, and I’m feeling good about moving forward. I forgot that we had plans to go to dinner at our neighbors’ place, though, so I had to stop earlier than I planned to get a shower and look presentable after several days of sweatshirts, yoga pants, and a sloppy ponytail. On the up side, we had a great time and I think we have new friends in the building, which is fantastic.

I’ve got a few emails to respond to, and then it’s back to writing. Woohoo!