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Look! A Sports Entry!

I just realized the Super Bowl is this weekend. Yes, I know that’s pretty pitiful. I mean, I know it’s around this time of year, but I never can remember exactly when.

Last year we went over to a party with some friends–I took my book and read in the corner most of the time, which is funny because I do like to watch football. It’s just one of the few sports that I’d rather be in the stands to see… must be a throwback to the five years of Friday night lights in marching band from my distant (haha) youth. Anyway, I don’t even remember which teams played last year’s Super Bowl. Not even a good guess.

This year, it’s the Patriots (woo! Go Pats!) and the Giants. Seriously? The Giants?? In the Super Bowl? Even if the Pats hadn’t had an undefeated season, and even if they weren’t my personal favorite pro football team, I don’t think I could root for the Giants. I mean, they’re nice and all, but they’re sort of like the Mets. I’m going to tick off all my NYC readers today, aren’t I? Oh wait… I don’t think I have any… But really. People root for the Mets and the Giants and (let’s face it) my former hometown Bengals out of dogged loyalty, not out of any real expectation they’ll have a great season. Don’t get me wrong – if a good season comes along everybody’s thrilled, but it’s more like winning at poker night as opposed to getting a salary.

But enough about that. I’ll be rooting for the Pats, and maybe I’ll watch more than 5 minutes of play time this year. Woo Super Bowl!

And now, since there are about 3,000 receipts that need to be mailed, I should really get started with the day’s envelope stuffing. In the meanwhile, here’s something to keep you laughing:


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  1. I KNEW when I started to watch Super Bowl that I’d be irritated by the fact that the kickoff tme would NOT be as advertised. At least there was the satisfaction of being RIGHT!!

    But I DID have my eye on the moveir “Pride and Prejudice” that I’d seen before, but had gaps of remembering in it. SO, sometime in the last half, I went to TCM to see P & P. Now, TCM has NO COMMERCIALS, but I did sneak back to S B. I didn’t see the upset happen, but got to see one of the (seemingly) 1,000 replays.

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