We’re going skiing tomorrow.  Wahoo!    

It’s been way too long… I only got out once last year, and that was only for about three hours (gotta love skiing with the youth group), and otherwise it’s been since we left Maine two years ago. My knees are going to kill me tomorrow night, along with my thighs and pretty much everything else, but man will it be worth it. We’ll have to buy bananas on the way home because I forgot to pick some up when I went to the grocery today.

And I’ll have to make up for a bit of lost time from both today and tomorrow in the writing, but as far as I know my evening is open tomorrow and I certainly don’t expect to be moving much, which should make keeping my tush in my writing chair pretty darn easy.

Now I just have to convince my head that it’s time to sleep and that it needs to wake up right away in the morning so we can get an early head start up to the mountain. It’s snowing now and should keep coming down overnight, so hopefully we’ll get some real fresh Colorado powder to start out the season.