I’m at work.  Do I post blog entries while I’m at work more often than not? Hmmm… I think I might. There haven’t been updates lately because although I’ve been getting things done, none of them have been terribly interesting. I mean, I folded four loads of laundry, but that’s not really worth blogging about unless the lint trap in the dryer caught fire. (That did actually happen once. My roommate didn’t know you had to clean out the lint trap, and as a result she almost burned down the house. Gotta love that.)

We also signed all the paperwork to renew our lease despite the crazy price hike, the dog got her rabies shot, and I went to the doctor. See? All good things checked off the list, but not really blog-worthy.

Ok, almost not blog-worthy. I went to the doctor because I’ve been having trouble sleeping… I wake up five or six times a night, on average, and have wacky dreams. No, really. Wacky ones. I don’t remember a lot of them, but in one, a town had built a dam and pumped all the water away from their shore (which wasn’t really a shore, but more of a vast shopping mall right on the lake) and they were all pitching in to make it deeper by hand. I’m fairly certain it was Lake Michigan. Yes, they dammed out Lake Michigan so they could make a tiny piece of it deeper. I was looking for a friend, but instead I sat down in the middle of a middle-school concert band, which was directed by my 5th grade band director. I didn’t have an instrument, so I just sat there in the trumpet section while they practiced outside with the mall behind them and people digging with shovels and backhoes all around them. I played a lot of instruments in my band days, but trumpet was never one of them.

Yeah, I’ve got no idea where that came from.

At any rate, I haven’t been sleeping well, so we’re trying out new medication and I have instructions not to drink caffeine after noon. The biggest trouble that presents is that I usually drink tea while I write in the afternoon and evening, which means I need to find decaf loose-leaf tea, of which there seem to be surprisingly few varieties. Or, at least, few affordable varieties that don’t require also shelling out for shipping. But as far as the new meds go, I think I slept straight through last night and I don’t recall any dreams, so I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

But I should stop fiddling around online and get other things done. Things like catching up (again) with my reading journal. Oh, yeah, and writing. Maybe a bit of that, too….