I came thisclose to hyperventilating when I saw our credit card balances this month. In a panic about the amount of money we apparently let flow like lifeblood in the month of January, I issued a household moratorium on buying anything not immediately related to the continuance of life (i.e. food and medicine), conveying us to school and work (i.e. gas), or furthering our education–until the end of March, at the very least.

Then I looked more closely at the statements and realized that we spent a lot less than I thought, because we paid both our tuitions last month. Januarys are brutal that way. But I’m sticking with the not buying stuff thing, because buying less is a good thing in terms of financial stability. Also, not buying things means not spending valuable Writing Time shopping instead of writing. Not that I ever do that….

Unfortunately, it also means I can’t just swing by the bookstore and pick something up for fun with all those 30% off coupons they keep emailing me. But I’m confident that I’ll survive. It might get rough sometimes, but I’ll pull through somehow. I hear they’ve got these new places called libraries, and rumor has it you can use their books for free! Imagine that!

I’ve also decided that I’m unplugging all internet access this weekend. Matt will be up in the mountains for the youth group’s annual ski trip, and I can’t really express how much I need to buckle down and write. There will be no hanging out on the couch all day Saturday watching movies.

So what will I be writing? Well, I need to finish filling the gap between my new beginning and the old one, and then I think it’s past time to get down to business about my B’nei stories and legends. And, if by some miracle I work my way through all of those, I’ll pick back up at the tournament where I left off back in October.

And maybe I’ll play around with Vince and Audra a little bit, too. I still haven’t decided whether they’re good for anything more than fiddling at this point, but I think they do well together so I’m going to keep working on them here and there and see where it goes. Regardless, they’re a diversion so I can keep writing when I need to redirect my thinking about the thesis, so they’re secondary no matter what.

So don’t expect to see me online after tomorrow at noon, responding to emails or chatting or anything else. And if you do see me, harass me in whatever fashion you feel suitable until I come to my senses and return to work.

Thanks. I owe you one.