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The weekend was good. I didn’t write quite as much as I hoped, but I did get the ball rolling. I have four writing days this week, so momentum is good. I’ll have to cut down some of this material, or else it will take too long to introduce my hero, but this is all really important to know so it’s not wasted time. More writing tomorrow.

Finished reading yet another book… and I even took the dog to the field yesterday to run around. AND I made instant pudding. Talk about a productive weekend.

Drove up to the Denver Book Mall this afternoon for a dual reading/signing by two local authors and had a great time chatting afterward.

Matt rotisseried a fabulous beef roast for dinner. Yum yum.

This is what the dog looks like when she would really like to join us on the couch:

Okay, so usually she rests her chin really pitifully on the couch cushion, but she’s a camera ham and she perked up as soon as I had it in my hands, so this is as close as I could get to the real thing.

And yes, that’s Pride and Prejudice on the TV – PBS is running the AMC/BBC version in its original episodes, and this is the second time Matt has picked it to watch instead of any of the other viewing options.

Yes, I win at life. My husband voluntarily watches Pride and Prejudice with me.

In defense of his manly sensibilities, I feel the need to mention that he’s playing Starcraft while he watches P&P. I’m worse at Starcraft than I am at Halo. At least in Halo I just spin around looking at the ceiling. In Starcraft (or Warcraft, or any of the other build-a-civilization games I’ve tried in the same vein) I actually kill off my own people. In the tutorials. Yes. I realize this is pitiful. I don’t know how I do it. All of a sudden, my troops are attacking their own barracks and I don’t have any idea why.

I’m wicked good at Diablo II, though. Or at least I was, when I had the time to play.


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  1. i have to escape the LJ pages now that most of your posting is here. this is not a bad thing though.
    i did post a little story blurb on LJ that i wouldn’t mind getting your thoughts on (but only iffen you gots the time…) mainly because you’re the aspiring writer that appears to be getting closer to publishing than i ever will be.

    anyhoo, quick ‘hi’

    you definitely have a great hubby and cute dog.

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