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A Writerly Residence

I’ve decided that in a few years, when I’m richer than J.K Rowling, I’m going to need a house suitable for that lofty income bracket. Naturally, I went looking for an English country house.

I think this one fits the bill:

As you can see on its info page, it only has 5 reception rooms, but I think the swimming pool, tennis courts, stables, and multiple other outbuildings make up for it. It’s a bargain at 12 million pounds (that’s just under 24 million USD, for those whose currency conversion faculties are rusty from disuse). And hey, there’s a carriage house, which means Dad gets his wish of guarding my driveway from rabid fans with a shotgun.

Of course, part of me likes this one better:

Because it is common knowledge that “There is not a finer county in England than Derbyshire.” (Bonus points for someone who knows who says that line *in the book*, not the movie.) And for less than $2.5 million it’s a steal!

Why yes, I’m avoiding work. Why do you ask? *halo*



  1. when you get that second house… may I come visit? for say… a long time?

    if you cannot tell… the second appeals to me more. you can always build your father a nice “in-law” cottage and still have spare money that would have otherwise been spent on the other property.

    of course, if you’ve the money to purchase either, then who cares about saving money?!?

  2. You most certainly can! I have to admit, on sober reflection (hehe) I like the smaller one as well.

    Of course, it’s unlikely that I’ll make anywhere near that much money anytime soon, so it’s sort of a moot point.

    But you have a point – and if I have enough money to just buy either one without worrying, why not have both?

  3. Your bonus quote sounds a lot like something said by Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s Aunt Gardiner.

    Or am I mixing up the book with the movie?

  4. You’re mixing with the movie… or at least, as much as I searched through the text, I never once found her saying it even though I *know* she does in the movie.

    Miss Bingley actually says it in the book, in a conversation while Jane and Elizabeth are staying at Netherfield while Jane is sick.

  5. Okay. That’s good to know. I’ve read the book several times, but it has been a while. That sounds familiar, though, now that you’ve said it.

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