It’s been beautiful here all day. Warm breezes, sunshine, and temps in the high 60s all afternoon. We opened the windows and the porch door pretty much right away, and only closed them after the sun went down because it started getting too cool.

I spent the day cleaning the whole house which, although not always my favorite activity, was really satisfying. Maybe it has to do with tangible, visible progress at something, which is gratifying in light of the utter waste of a week I feel like I’ve had up to this point. And, you know, now there aren’t things around the house that will be distracting me when I get back to the writing.

Things are looking good, all things told.

And we’ve got six of our closest friends coming over for small group tonight (which was the impetus for actually cleaning everything). I’m really looking forward to that.

Totally unrelated: I need to make a list of all the things I’m taking with me to Ohio next month, since I don’t have a place to gather them all until I pack. I’ve got a lot of books, movies, and other various and sundry things that we borrowed and never quite managed to get back. Oh, and there are gifts, too. Can’t meet my only nephew with empty hands!