Writing Day today.

And yet again, I’m sitting here like a wingding, not getting anything done. This is not good.

My brother agreed that if it would help me get pages written, I could kill him off (which would mean I’d have to introduce a character based moderately on Nathan and then find a way for him to die). His only requirement is that it be a tragic death, and he suggested that it be trebuchet-related. Accidental death by trebuchet? I mean, sure, it’s possible in my world, but I’m not sure how I’d fit that in.

Oh, and in return for generously allowing me to off him, he wants to be portrayed as a supremely-powerful emperor in another book. He claims that he’ll share his glory around, but he needs some glory to share in the first place.

So there you have it. Instead of NaNo-style ninjas! to break my apparent inability to move forward, my official moving-forward mechanism for the day is that every time I get stuck, Nathan dies by trebuchet missile.

There’s nothing like brotherly love. :)