Yesterday: Finished reading another book; almost finished laundry (see? I knew it wouldn’t be done Monday); printed out copies of critique group’s March pages; 7 mile bike ride (woohoo spring!); cleared out more than one other little thing that’s been hanging about waiting to get done; refilled the propane tank; watched The Simpsons Movie (ha! funny! should have watched it sooner!).

Today: Didn’t want to wake up; wore flip-flops to work (hey, the warmth will only last another day or two before it cools off again, and I’m taking advantage); no receipts waiting to be stuffed (woohoo!); adding new donor addresses to the database; otherwise, I get to read those pages I printed yesterday, catch up on reading journals (12 behind, and counting), and work on the novel. Or at least set myself up to be able to concentrate on it this evening.

Also, the scarf I’m wearing as a belt today makes me feel a bit like a pirate. Arrr! Pirate Betsy!