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To Keep You From Bothering Me Today

Yesterday was very productive. Today, so far, is looking good. It’s only 9am and I’m already almost done with my morning fiddle-faddling online, which might be considered a miracle, given my recent sleeping patterns.

And I’m feeling good about making more progress on the novel today, so I’m going to leave you all to amuse yourselves by laughing at my poor dog. It’s been almost a week since the spaying, but Shiloh still looks pitiful, because she’s not a big shedder, which means her hair doesn’t grow back all that fast.

Here’s a side view:

Yeah, the other side looks like that too. They say they shave all that area to be sure they have a sterile surface, and you do have to admit that skin is easier to sterilize than fur. But still. Just so you have the whole effect, here’s the belly view:

Okay, so I’ll admit that I got her to lie down like that because she thought I was about to rub her belly. And I did, right after I took the picture. She’s a sucker for belly rubs. See that little dark mark right smack in the middle of all the shaving? That’s the incision – it’s shorter than the middle joint of my index finger. Amazing how far things have come, isn’t it?

Anyway, she doesn’t seem to mind being shaved all that much, even if she does look ridiculous. Ah, to be free of image issues.

And for those of you who aren’t entertained by my dog’s pitiful state, I keep forgetting to post a link to my friend Steve’s photos from the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago. He had a beautiful view in South Carolina, and posted some of his pictures here. Go check them out. Now! Go!

Random thought for the day: I find that I’m turning into something of a Taylor Swift fan. Hard to believe she’s so young, with that voice.

Now, it’s off to save the world! No really. I’m writing a fantasy novel. It’s what I do.



  1. Hey, Betsy…thanks for the sendover! I’m glad you liked the photos. And I hope Shiloh is feeling better soon.

  2. You’re more than welcome, Steve. :) My tens of faithful readers are headed your way! Shiloh seems to regain more of her puppy energy every day, so I think she’ll come out little worse for wear. Thanks!

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