We went skiing yesterday. Beautiful day, yet again, but more crowded than usual since we forgot that it’s getting into Spring Break season, which means midweek skiing is busy. I fell three times, all for really dumb reasons, but I’m not feeling too bad today. Mostly my calves hurt, but I think that’s because we forgot to make our banana milkshakes last night. We were both pretty much dead tired.

In other news, I keep falling more and more behind on those reading journals (I have 16 to do now – they’re going to be short when I get to them), and I was going to work on them today but the finance department has tons of receipts that need stuffing, so I’ve got to give that priority.

Also as regards the day job, up until now we’ve kept track of how many phone calls we get and what they’re for (i.e. if they’re calling to give us an address change or they didn’t get a receipt or whatever… there were about 15 categories) and now we’re no longer doing that. I feel oddly bereft. I mean, it’s not as if I do all that much anyway, and now I don’t even have to keep track of phone calls? This job just gets cushier and cushier. Before long, I’ll be playing receptionist from home. Hah!