. . . for neglecting the blog these past few weeks. In truth, it feels like I’ve been neglecting a fair number of other things, as well, which means I have fewer interesting things to talk about here. Aside from the inch of snow we got earlier this week, it’s been lovely weather… several days in the high 70s and low 80s, which makes for lovely afternoons reading out on the patio. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading fluff instead of my required school material, but I’m working on changing that. It’s just that fluff is so. . . fluffy.

Most of the 9:30 service’s praise team is on the women’s retreat this weekend, so I’m filling in there before attending our usual service at 11, and then I think we’re having lunch with friends. Hopefully, after a nap, I’ll be in some kind of condition to clean the apartment and finish last week’s laundry….