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Take That, Dirty House!

My tidying this afternoon turned into a wholesale spring cleaning after Matt got home from class. I have a niggling feeling that there are some things still in the office closet that should have been taken out and gotten rid of or rearranged or something like that, but all things considered I’m extremely happy. I’ve got one medium-sized box of things–non-urgent mail, magazines, and other various things that have been hanging about the apartment (like the candy from my Christmas stocking)–that I’ll need to go through tomorrow, but otherwise everything has been cleaned and cleaned out.

Two weeks’ worth of laundry is done AND all put away, which verges on the miraculous all by itself. We also took out about six bags of trash and have three good sized bags, mostly of clothes, to take to Goodwill. The new shelves and TV cabinet have opened up a huge amount of space, so we’ve turned the old TV stand into a dining room buffet-type thing (it makes sense, I promise), which means we have more space in the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. Let the world rejoice. Okay, maybe not the world, but certainly this household.

I’ll tackle the box in the morning before my lunch meeting, then come home and spend some quality time with that novel I’m supposed to be writing. This was a great day for that “tangible evidence of accomplishment” I get so hung up on.


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  1. It sounds you had SUCH a satisfying day!

    New pics of William on his website, including one with you! The one with/of you isn’t so great, but that William is a peach!

    Love to you and Matt….

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