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So the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (a lovely organization of which I am a member) runs a contest every year in conjunction with their annual conference. $25 entry, first 20 pages of a manuscript plus an 8-page synopsis – entries open now through June 2. Despite the fact that I’m feeling slightly weenie-ish about entering, I think it will be worthwhile – the top six scoring entries in each genre will get into the hands of an agent or editor who will choose the category winners, and that sort of thing isn’t worth passing up.

Which means that after I write my journal entry for the required text I finished reading two days ago, I’m going to pull out the first two chapters of my novel and start with the polishing (and filling one major pothole).



  1. I believe I will…

  2. you can do it, Betsy! i think it’s too great an op to pass. and i know the judges can’t help but be impressed – you’ve mad writing skills.

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