I’m picking up extra hours at work this week until they get a chance to hire a new Thursday-Friday person, and I forgot how quiet Fridays are around here. Luckily, I have other work to keep me occupied.

Of course, now I’m wondering if my first 20 pages is quite enough to pull the reader into the story… from the perspective of an epic fantasy, there’s at least a little bit of leeway there because readers expect the main conflict to develop over time, which translates to a bit more than 20 manuscript pages, but right now I’m thinking in terms of this contest. So I’m fiddling a bit with exactly how to present things.

Having worked for the last two days on the 20 pages, I think I might turn to the synopsis this afternoon and start updating and expanding that.

And then there’s a potluck at our house tonight, for which I’m making my famous strawberry shortcake. And as a special twist, I’m going to be making it lactose-free. We’ll see how that goes.