I’m beginning to get worried about the lack of panic, actually. Odd, I know. But I have a Plan For The Day that involves getting panic-inducing things done and out of the way, so maybe I won’t hit the threshold this time around. We shall see.

Also, I’m trying out my brother’s latest Amazingly Fabulous Scheme, which is working at a stand-up desk. It allegedly helps with productivity, reduces fatigue, and generally makes you a very cool person. I’m going to be standing most of the day today, with intermittent stints on my stool because my muscles really aren’t used to standing for all that long at a stretch. I’m experimenting with the stand-up work with a folding table I used to use for Pampered Chef parties, and I didn’t realize until last night that the dog has never seen it unfold. She was properly freaked.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of rottweiler in her movements and expressions, but apparently she didn’t get their ferocity. This is the dog hiding under Matt’s desk, cowering in fear of my table: