Here’s the updated list:

Deadline: 4.5 days
Books to read: 3 (I’m halfway done with two of them, though)
Book journals to write: 3
Pages to write: 23
8-Page Synopsis: Done
Days at the Day Job: 2
Girls’ Night: Done
Trip to the Zoo: Done

I woke up at 4am last night, wide awake with the words for a scene I figured out yesterday afternoon just running through my head. After 15 minutes of thinking I should go back to sleep, I was no less wakeful, so I came to the office and worked for an hour and a half. I think it’s good stuff. Great stuff, though I still have a bit of work to do before the scene is done.

Then I went back to bed and slept in a bit, which has thrown off my whole schedule. But it’s worth it to get that scene right. Today I’ll finish that scene and keep moving, ad tonight I’ll get back to focusing on finishing those required books.

So far, working standing up is going surprisingly well.