I do not recommend spilling hot candle wax on one’s hair.

Not that most people would think it was a good idea, but I will advise you all to be especially careful around head-level liquid wax, because accidental spilling leads to the same result as intentional application.

The front right quadrant of my head is sporting a very attractive white dotted look this afternoon, courtesy of a votive candle I jostled while removing it from a high shelf in the sanctuary after church this morning. I’m starting with removal-by-hand to see if I can get most of it out that way, and then I intend to move on to a fine-toothed comb and a VERY hot shower involving lots of shampoo. Coverage ranges from easy-to-remove splatter bits to fully bonded clumps several inches long.

I will not try ironing it between two layers of paper towels until I have exhausted every other option, because I had hoped to wait another month before renewing my perm and I have a feeling that ironing my hair might negatively affect my fake curls.

Extra blonde points to me today!