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Update on All Things

Deadline: Extended 2 days + flex time
Pages to write: 17
Books to read: 0
Book journals to write: 0
Days at the Day Job: 0
8-Page Synopsis: Done
Girls’ Night: Done
Trip to the Zoo: Done
Small Group Night: Done
Wax in Hair: Crisis Averted; Wax Removed

I got an extension on my deadline; two extra days to get my reading responses turned in, which I’ve just done, and the rest of my pages are due ASAP. I intend to have them done and sent in by the end of the week. Then for the rest of the month I’ll be concentrating on finishing the full rough draft.

I mailed off my contest entry today, so it’s all out of my hands. If I’m one of the category finalists, they’ll call me in mid-August; otherwise I’ll get my stuff back in the mail in the end of August sometime. Winners will be announced on September 13th, at the conference. Haven’t decided if I can take the time and money to actually go to that at this point. We shall see.

I’m feeling good about things.



  1. congrats on your progress Betsy. and congrats on sending off your contest entry. i’ll have my fingers crossed for you on that, hoping the judges recognize the excellent writing that i know you do.


  2. Aw, thanks. :)

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