I’m trying a new tactic for the next six weeks, at least. Not only will it smooth the transition to Eastern Standard Time and back twice (yeah, I’m back on my traveling every 4 or 5 weeks), it should give me more workable time in the day, and that can only be good.

The plan is to get myself on an earlier sleep pattern because, you know, I don’t watch TV in the evenings anyway, so why stay up? Also, the last time I was on an 8:30p-4:30a sleep schedule, I felt like my days were really quite productive. There’s something about waking up while the rest of the world is still sleeping and getting work done in secret. Also, it will mean that when I out in EST, I won’t have to mess up my normal schedule much, it’ll just shift to 10:30-6:30 local time. See? Ingenious!

I was supposed to start with this fabulous plan yesterday, but I couldn’t get to sleep and then I slept in (all the way ’till 7!) and then, inexplicably, I fell into almost 3 hours of napping in the afternoon. I was pretty mad at myself, ignoring my “stop napping!” timer like that, but in the end I decided it meant that I had already stocked up on sleep so I could wake up early today. As you can see from the timestamp, I was generally successful.

And all things considered, I’m feeling pretty good this first morning. Of course, that could be because my body is so darn confused about when it’s supposed to be sleeping and when it’s not that it’s decided not to care right now. The dog certainly has no idea what’s going on, poor girl.

Now, I’ve got at least two hours before I have to get ready for church, so let the writing begin!