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*happy novel dance*

It’s DONE!

*happy novel dance*

Of course, “done” means the whole plot arc is there. It also means there are 8 pages of notes about things that need to be done, scenes that need to be rewritten or just plain written in the first place, and seemingly endless hours of revisions and edits. I expect I’ll add at least 15,000 words to the total before I’m done. But I know what the important bits are now! I know how it ends for everyone! I made myself cry! It must be good!

And I’ll even get six hours of sleep before I have to be up for church in the morning.

And now it’s off to bed, dancing.

*happy novel dance*



  1. Yay! *happy dance for Betsy*

  2. whoot! way to go Betsy!
    congrats on getting the ms complete!
    happy editing…

  3. That’s fantastic, Betsy! Congratulations. I feel your excitement.

  4. Thanks, everybody!

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