I’ve been quiet this week – that’s in part because my brain got just a bit fried on Saturday when I finished the novel’s rough draft, and I’ve been doing as little as possible since then in an effort to let it recuperate. 

Yesterday was our three year wedding anniversary. (Woohoo! Go us!) I spent most of it cleaning and doing laundry, and packing for our trip to Ohio this weekend. Model wife, eh? If only. 

At any rate, I’m working half a day today and then going home for last-minute packing and heading out to the airport. I hate taking evening flights headed east, but flying when we are saved us $200 each, so that’s the trade-off. At least it’s a direct flight today.

We’ll be in Ohio over the weekend – on Sunday my brother will be ordained and installed as the associate pastor of a church in Cincinnati, so it’s turned into something of a whole-family event. Speaking of Nathan’s new church, the senior pastor there keeps a great blog, so head on over and say ‘Hi’ to Russell Smith if you’re so inclined. 

And for those of you who miss Shiloh’s antics, here’s another of her favorite activities:

Notice that she uses the laser dot to get going and stay motivated, but once she’s running, she doesn’t bother with trying to catch it. She’s too smart for that. Or so she’d like us to think.

I’ll try to post over the weekend, but if I don’t, have a lovely couple of days without me!