Just popping in to say that Ohio is humid. Really, really humid. Like, we tell people in Colorado about Real Humidity, but after a while of living without it, you lose the visceral understanding that comes with living in it. For the record, I much prefer Colorado when Ohio has this kind of weather. On the other hand, there is a deep, pervasive green smell here that Colorado never quite produces, and that’s quite nice.

In the “Fun Things We’ve Done In Ohio” category, we’ve had a very nice time visiting with family in from all over the country, and tonight I got to talk with what seems like a Who’s Who from my formative years. My brother is now officially the Reverend Nathan Wright (woohoo!), and my nephew is still the cutest little boy ever. Also, I’ve slept more than I thought possible, and eaten an impressive amount of food as well.

Oh yeah, and Friday night we spent 11pm-1am up in the rafters above the garage, drilling holes in the plasterboard ceiling and shoveling soaked insulation into buckets so the whole ceiling wouldn’t collapse. It seems water froze in one of the air conditioner’s condensation drainage pipes there and a big section of PVC pipe exploded and had probably been leaking for several weeks. Fun times, that. At least we were here to do the climbing around in the crawlspace – I don’t particularly want to think about Mom and Dad trying that on their own.

The lesson? Always support the full length of PVC pipes when they’re exposed to heat and cold. Good to know.

One more day here, and then we’re back to Colorado. It’ll be good to be home.