I Have Art!

The pictures have been hung, and there is much rejoicing. It’s nice to find that I still really like the pieces we bought a year ago and waited until now to have matted and framed. Also nice to find that a year in a tube hasn’t done them any appreciable damage.

So, for reference, here’s a rather mild version of my office wall before:

Since that picture was taken, I’d added a bunch of photos I ripped out of calendars, both big and small. Most of them were saved because they evoke some sort of landscape or architecture or feeling that I wanted to remember for future writing use. I’ve decided that I can keep them in the filing cabinet instead of on the wall.

So I took down most of the crazy in favor of the pretty:

The ladies now gracing my walls are done by Emile Bellet. I like his colors and I’ve always rather liked the impressionists, so it seemed a natural choice for my working space. I’m really happy with them.

You might also notice the difference in the desk’s height – it’s been lifted so I can stand and work, which has been really nice.

And yes, the trophy on the desk is a writing trophy. I won it in the 7th grade. Sometimes all you need is the reminder of past greatness to spur you into the future.

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